$20 for normal transfer,
$15 for Law enforcement, military and CCW holders

(Limit of 4 items per fee)

Please contact us before hand if you are not able to pick up your firearm in the same week, transfers WITH OUT any contact for more than two weeks will receive a storage fee of $1 a day.

Barrel Threading $85

We’ll use our CNC machines to cut your barrel to the desired length, crown, and thread of your choice. 

Please email us at for more info and turn around times.

We are not able to do all barrels, bulk price offered on 3 or more barrels.

Parts Install $FREE

Buy a lower parts kit from us and already have the lower? We’ll install it for free! Buying a lower from us and already have a lower parts kit? Same deal! Free install!

Gunsmithing $25+

Got a non-layke AR rifle that doesn’t quite work right? Bought parts elsewhere and need them installed on a non-layke gun? Bring them in and we’ll fix / install starting at $25 plus any needed parts.

Quotes are always free!

Firearms left overnight will be logged in to our black box and require a 4473 background check to pick up.