About Layke Tactical

Our Mission,

We are committed to Precision Machining Excellence in the manufacture of Layke Tactical Firearms and Components, Exceeding the expectations of our customers; challenging competition worldwide; continuous improvement of our processes through Innovation and Technology. 

With determination, pride, and uncompromising quality; we are driven to support precision machining in America. 

Layke Inc., having a 64 year history of machining precision components for the Aerospace and Missile Industries, challenged our Design Engineers to develop “Aerospace Brand” of Tactical Components & Custom firearms. These products are machined and assembled by the same Journeyman Machinists who manufacturing components currently in flight, space travel and supporting our military. Even with a 64 year history, some things remain unchanged. At Layke, our dedication to doing the best machine work in the world has and always will be “Our Commitment to Our Customers”. 

Our Firearms

Built to mil-spec tolerances with aerospace precision quality.  Custom built to your specs for the ultimate firearm or choose from our many in stock models.

Shop online, call or stop in to tour our manufacturing facility and store front at 3330 W. Osborn Road, Phoenix, AZ, 85017.


Layke has invested tremendous amount of time, talent, and money into our tactical product line. Our standards are very high and we will not rest till we meet those standards with product that leaves our shop. We have been well known in the complex aerospace / missile industry for the highest quality products for decades and we produce our firearms to the same quality standard that has carried us for 64 years. 

“Layke Tactical or Layke Incorporated, Either One, Stands for Quality”


With hundreds of thousands of rounds fired for testing of our products and Every firearm being test fired before leaving,  we are committed to making sure our products not only work, but work every time.  

With every one of our products backed by our forever lifetime Warranty. 

Our Story / Our Team

Layke Tactical founded in 2014 is part of Layke Incorporated, an American Manufacturer company, established in 1955; Specializing in Medium to Complex Aerospace, Missile, and Ordnance Machining. We have over 25 Employees with a 20,000 sq. ft. facility, eight CNC Turning Centers, nine 4 & 5 axis Milling Centers, and two 11 pallet Horizontal Milling Centers. Our team has well over 200 years combined experience in aerospace machining. 

The Fine Print

Forever lifetime warranty,

Buy with confidence, rather you buy it new off the shelf or are the 5th owner, If we built it its covered! Warrantied for a lifetime of function and to be free from defects in workmanship and material, Should you ever encounter a defect, we will repair or replace the part at our discretion at no cost to you.

However should you happen to drive over one of our products, drop it from a moving car, burn it, forget it in the ocean, have a catastrophic failure due to overloaded or wrong caliber ammunition, misuse, abuse or otherwise accidentally or purposely damage one of our products we will NOT be able to cover it under warranty.

In the spirit of never wanting one of our products to go to waste, we will repair or replace any non-warranty items at discounted prices.

3rd party modifications or repairs, government contract sales and sales out side the USA are not covered under our standard warranty.

General long term use wear of known wear items on the AR platform such as gas rings, firing pins, buffer springs and barrel rifling are not covered for long term use wear.


Any un-used product in original packaging may returned with in 30 days of original sale for a full refund minus the shipping. 

Extreme repeat return offenders may be charged a restocking fee or barred from further purchases.

Firearms and lower receivers may not returned once transferred from FFL. 

^^Yes that acttually still works ^^

3rd party builds,


Just cause it’s built with our receivers doesn’t mean we built, firearms built from receivers by a 3rd party are not covered by our warranty as a complete firearm, the receivers how ever is always covered. 

If you own or are buying Layke rifle and are unsure if it was built in whole by us you may contact us with the model and serial number in question to find out if it left us as a receiver or a complete firearm. 

If you did happen to buy a complete firearm built by a 3rd party and are having issues give us a call or email and we will be happy to work with you to get it running right with discounted parts and labor.